This page describes the /random command and its usage. It is a great tool to use i.e. a random lottery for your players every now and then or as often as you want. You should reference the ItemIDs.txt file - Either the item NAME or its corresponding NUMBER is acceptable. 

Setting up the Random CommandEdit


1. Open your Servers admin console 


2. Browse to the Commands.ini file

3. Ensure the following command is present in the rank you want to be allowed to use the command:


4. Save the Commands.ini file

5. Reload your commands.ini file in game by typing the following:

/reload commands

Using the command in gameEdit

As stated above, this is a great way to gift items to your players or for events, or just a lotto every now and then, however you wish to use it. I have also found it handy when you have multiple players asking for a certain item, using the random command keeps it fair as anyone has the chance to get the requested item. 

A good idea is to have a copy of the ItemIDs.txt file on display for easy reference so you know exactly what you need to type. this can be found in your Essentials folder.

Remember you can use either the naming conventions as specified in the ItemIDs.txt file or the corresponding number!

Tips to rememberEdit

1. items with a single name can be entered in (make sure your spelling and case is correct). Items with more than one word, i.e. "Explosive Charge" requires quotes, otherwise it wont work!

Using the Random command (Single item)



When in game, type the command in the following format (for a single worded item).

/random Shotgun

This will commence the process to randomly gift a single shotgun to a player.

Using the Random command (Multiples of the same item)

Multiple Items, Multiple Words


The following syntax is for specifying a number of the specified item

/random Shotgun 3

the randomly picked player will receive 3 Shotguns

Using the Random command (For items with more than one word)Edit

You must make sure you surround your item with quotes if it has more than one word, otherwise the item will not be recognised. use the following command as an example:

/random "Explosive Charge" 5 (Gifts 5 C4 to random player)

Use of Quotes

/random "Explosive Charge" (Gifts 1 C4 to a random player)

Using the Random Command (Using the Item number as opposed to the name) Edit

No quotes needed, just the number corresponding to the Shotgun Shells BP as indicated in the ItemIDs.txt file as in the following example


/random 8

Will spawn a Shotgun Shells Blueprint to a random player