This article will guide you through the process of updating the Essentials Mod. It is important to follow the steps closely to ensure the mod gets updated correctly.

Upgrading Essentials Edit

1. Shut down your server;

2. Take a full map/player backup;

3. Take backup copies of all of your main config files you have altered (important!) ;

  • I generally dump mine out to OneNote or Notepad++ for easy edit/reference
  • Change, edit or update these files

4. Uninstall Essentials;

5. Browse through the folder structure and make sure all Essentials data is removed;

6. If applicable, get the latest Rust update from Steam;

7. Find the latest Essentials version you need in the list of available mods and select install;

8. Once installed, start your server, then shut it down again;

(Note - the above step is important! if you jump straight into the configs without starting the server first all the files will be blank)

9. Copy in the data you backed up from each of the old .ini files to the new;

10. Start the server, log into the game and test to make sure the new version is up and running.