Troubleshooting articles for the motd.ini file and any in game issues with the Message of the Day function.

My messages are stacking and cluttering up the screen Edit

This is probably due to the time intervals that are set, i.e if you have one message to cycle every 10 minutes and another every 20 minutes, as 20 is a multiple of 10 they will cycle at the same time. change your cycle intervals to be odd number, i.e. [Cycle.9m] and [Cycle.21m].

- Credit goes to 3lindNinja for pointing this one out

My message is clipping off the screen!? Edit

The message is too long, shorten it or span it across 2 lines in the cycle

I need to update a message or the rules on the fly, how do I do that? Edit

You can update your message and then reload the motd.ini file in game by typing "/reload motd" (make sure you have the /reload command under your rank in commands.ini).

My players don't have permissions to the Rules command Edit

Make sure that /rules is added under the appropriate rank in commands.ini