A Simple page that lists common problems I have seen with Zones and how to fix. More will be added as time goes on, so check back here often if you are having certain problems, or add an article of your own!

Excessive popup spamming "you are in a Safezone and cant be harmed" Edit

You usually get this message while taking what is supposed to be damage in a safezone right? This one had me a bit miffed until I realised that while running around making the zones in my server, that I had ran through a rad field and had a huge accumulation of rads, which were doing damage in regular increments. Upon returning to the safezone and no longer taking damage, it was causing the pop up to spam on my screen each time 'damage' was being registered.

Same applies if you are in the zone and forget to feed yourself - as you take damage from starving, you'll get spammed with the message!

I have wiped and all the old Safe and War Zone areas are still there! Edit

The zone data will be retained, regardless of a wipe. Data is stored in the zones.dat file, so you need to factor this in when you are doing a wipe - do you want the zones retained or not?

There are 2 ways of clearing it out if you don't want the old zone data.

1. Head into each zone either before or after a wipe, when you get the popup notifying that you are in the zone, type /f Warzone clearall or /f safezone clearall depending on which it is.

2. Find the zones.dat in the Essentials folder and delete it. this will delete ALL zones set in your server. can be done before or after a wipe.