Ranks Troubleshooting. Covers issues with ranks.ini, problems with ranks in general. Constantly being updated so check back often, or request some help in the forums, as identified fixes will be listed here.

Can I edit the ranks on the fly? Edit

Yes. changes you make to the ranks.ini will take effect after a reload of the ranks.ini. Type "/reload ranks" in game.

How do I find my UID? Edit

Provided you have added the command /uid under your rank in the commands.ini, typing /uid in game will return your UID

I have added a UID to the right rank but its not working!? Edit

1. For a rank that is not working for you or anyone you have granted a specific rank, double check you have entered the correct number. Check it for typos.

2. Make sure you have performed a reload of the configs;

3. If you have appended a name after the UID, make sure it is separated from the UID with a "#" i.e.

765611969696969 # Chicken Man