Welcome to the troubleshooting section for Kits. this will cover all kit or kits.ini related problems. This page is constantly getting updated as fixes are identified so check back here often or request help in the forums.

TRS kit tends to triple items when players redeem if you have added other items to the kit Edit

Troubleshooting is still underway for this problem. Awaiting feedback from some admins having this issue as to whether removing and readding the TRS kit resolves the issue. This will be updated as soon as we have a confirmation of fix.

Some players report a 3 day cool down on a kit that only has a few minute cool down Edit

Still not sure what the root cause of this was but there was only one player affected and he was typing the command right and had access to the kit. Removing and recreating the kit fixed the issue.

Players report they don't have access to a kit Edit

Check and confirm that they are in the correct rank that has access to the kit in question.

Players report that when typing in the commands nothing happens Edit

Check the console (like with Rusty) and confirm they are using the correct syntax and spelling. I tend to find players will type the following:

/starter (without specifying the /kit command before it i.e. /kit starter)