This article will describe common issues with the setup process of Essentials and how to fix them. dont see one here you need? add one or make a request for one!

I have installed the mod but the configs are empty! Edit

After installing the mod, the configs aren't populated with anything at get them populated you need to start your server up then shut it back down to allow the files to populate.

I have updated the mod now everything is broken Edit

You have upgraded the mod and logged back in to find Essentials is not working at all. You need to ensure that you have fully removed all traces of the old version of the mod before installing the new update. Best way to do this is to take backups of all your configs you have edited and will need post update. copy them out, delete ALL Essentials data, install the new update then copy and paste the config contents back in, then restart. the mod should be working fine after this.

Rust has been updated and now Essentials is broken! Edit

Yes, this is to be expected. Many of the Rust updates have new code and features that the mod doesn't recognise, and often can break the mod. Best course of action when an update is released for Rust from Steam is to wait untill the mod is either confirmed as working in the new version or wait for MistaD to get an update out.

I have setup all my config files but feature or features aren't working! Edit

This one comes up a lot in the forums. Many times the causes are incorrect or misspelled placement of commands or parameters. Whenever you change your configs always check and double check what you have changed for spelling and Syntax. In other cases some features in one config file may rely on another setup in a different config file. Make sure you research everything you have to do in order to get a feature working - check the setup guides in this Wiki for some detailed guides on many of the major features.