Following are some common issues with the Essentials config files and fixes. if you don't see one you need please leave a request for one, or add some of your own!

I have just installed or upgraded Essentials and the config.ini file is empty! Edit

Yes, immediately following installation or upgrade of the mod, you need to start your server then shut it down again after a few seconds - this will populate the config files with all of the data.

A Feature I have setup isn't working! Edit

Check and double check the configs you changed for spelling mistakes and correct syntax - this is the most common reason something wouldn't be working after editing the config files.

I am about to upgrade. how do I keep my settings? Edit

Before you upgrade, take copies of all the files you have edited, OneNote or Notepad++ are great for this, then copy the contents back in after you have upgraded - a great time saver.