This Troubleshooting article will cover anything command related, be it in game or in the commands.ini file. This list will grow over time as more fixes are identified and added so check back often or request help here or in the forums.

I have given some players some of the /f commands but they get a message about no access! Edit

You also need to ensure that you give them access to "/f" as well as the other /f commands you have specified, otherwise without it they wont be able to run the commands they do have access to.

Also as a side note, giving them the /f command will not allow them to build, or create safezones or warzones, so don't be worried about this giving them too much access - they would still need the relevant /f command i.e. /f build or /f warzone.

Players are reporting that they don't have access to a command Edit

Check and confirm that the command is referenced under the players rank in the commands.ini file.

I have just installed or upgraded the Essentials Mod and the commands.ini file is empty Edit

Straight after an installation or an upgrade, you need to start the server then stop it after a few seconds. this will populate all of the config files with the data

Players report that nothing happens when they type a command Edit

Usualy the players will also report that they don't get any type of error feedback either. This is almost always attributed to incorrect spelling or syntax.Confirm that they are using the correct spelling and syntax.

Another common problem with this is many of the commands require you to type "on" or "off" after it, I.e. a player types /remover instead of /remover on.

Watch also for mod crossover. A player may be trying to type in a command that they are used to from another mod and not understand why it isn't working, i.e. typing /destroy or /remove (which is the admin remove tool).