This guide will show you how to configure your server to allow players to make and respond to in game teleport requesting. The article assumes you are only setting up default players with sending, receiving and denying TP requests.

Configuring TeleportingEdit


1. Login to your server console;

2. Browse to and open the Config.ini file;

3. Browse to the section labelled [Movement] (See pic on the right). Make sure the first line is set to "True" this will enable teleporting

  1. Enables or Disables teleport requesting.

    Teleport Config


4. Review the other available parameters and configure them to how you need them to be in your server! Namely, the standard cooldown etc.

5. Save the file;

6. Ensure that you reload the config file in game by typing /reload config

Configuring Ranks and PermissionsEdit

This article is assuming you are granting the required permissions to the default rank of players. any higher ranks will inherit the commands of the lower by default. Configure it how you need it!

1. Browse to and open the Commands.ini file

2. Scroll to the [Default] rank


Default Commands (Teleport)

3. Add the following commands in under the [Default] tag




4. Save the commands.ini file

Reloading the Commands.ini fileEdit

1. To make sure the players get the new commands, reload the commands by typing the following in game:

/reload config

2. if you have altered any other files (such as the ranks) in the process of setting up TP, might be best to reload all:

/reload all

Using the Commands in gameEdit

Sending a Teleport RequestEdit

/tpa TroubledSoul

  • Sends a teleport request to player TroubledSoul

Accepting a Teleport RequestEdit


  • If TroubledSoul types this he will accept the last received request and the requesting player will be teleported to him

Denying a Teleport RequestEdit


  • If TroubledSoul types this he will deny the last received request