This article will guide you through the process of setting restrictions on Items, Researching, Blueprints or Crafting.

Restrictions Edit

This is a pretty straight forward process so I will keep it simple and copy the help comments from the file here:

"Item names should be placed directly under the category you want it restricted under. In order to restrict crafting for an item, simply place it below the [Crafting Restrictions] section. Be aware that item names are case-sensitive and must be spelled correctly in order to properly apply the restriction."

Categories Edit

Item - Restricts an item

Blueprints - Restricts Blueprints of a certain item

Crafting - Restricts crafting of a certain item

Research - Restricts researching of a certain item

Controller.ini Edit

This is the main file that controls restrictions and is found in the Essentials folder in your admin console. Simply place the name of the item you want restricted under the correct category, see pic


Please note it is important that you enter the correct spelling and wording on the item you are adding otherwise it will not work

When finished save the Controller.ini file