A very simple article which will allow you to enable door stops on your server. This will mean that if enabled, when someones door is destroyed, a door stop will be placed for a period of time which will prohibit any doors being placed in the frame.

Enabling Door Stops Edit

Config.ini Edit

1. Log into your servers console;

2. Browse to the config.ini file;

3. Find the section titled [Environment] and the following entry:

Sets the creations of door stops after the door has been destroyed


4. Set this to 'True' or 'False' depending on whether you want this feature on or not.

5. Save the config.ini file;

6. Reload your config in game by typing the following command

/reload config

In Game Usage Edit

When a door is destroyed, a metal looking door stop will appear at the bottom of the door frame (see the pic). until the stop despawns, no one will be able to place doors in the frame.