Find below a list of handy commands that you can grant your players and a quick description. There generally aren't any special requirements to setting these tools up except making sure the command is added to the appropriate rank in the Commands.ini file, in the players case, the command should go under the [default] rank.

Handy Player Commands Edit

Command Description
/help Displays available commands for the senders current rank.
/online Returns the amount of players currently connected in the server.
/players Lists the names of all current players.
/history {1-50} Returns the last # lines of global chat history. 
/history {g} {1-50} Returns the last # lines of global chat history (i.e. /history g 10).
/history {d} {1-50} Returns the last # lines of direct chat history (i.e. /history d 10).
/r Replies to the last sent or received pm.
/pm Sends a private message to the specified player (i.e. /pm NexusOne Gimme an Airdrop!).
/rules Displays the rules as stipulated in your motd.ini file.
/ping Displays your current ping to the server.
/version Displays the current version of Rust Essentials.
/drop Displays the time untill the next airdrop.
/fps Amplifies your fps by altering your graphics settings.
/info Displays the servers name and IP
/whois Displays connection, user and leaderboard info of the specified player (i.e. /whois MrPinkBunny)