The following list by no means is every tool you can utilise on your server. These are ones I use frequently to make the day to day running of the server and also administering players easier.

Make sure any you intend you use are added in the appropriate rank in commands.ini. See the other guides for info on how to do this.

Handy Admin Tools/Commands Edit

Command Function
/stop Saves and shuts down your server
/access on/off Gives you access to all doors
/airdrop Calls in an airdrop
/god Grants you god mode. Can also specify player names. /ungod to disable
/radius Shows you who is within a certain radius of you i.e. /radius 150
/mute Mutes a player in chat. /unmute will unmute them
/heal Heal yourself. can also specify a player name to heal
/pos Returns your position in xyz vectors
/fall Turns fall damage on or off
/feed Feeds the players that cant feed themselves. or yourself. lol
/owner on/off A must have. lets you see who owns which building you hit
/join Emulates the joining of a player name you specify i.e. /join ChickenMan 
/leave Emulates the leaving of a player name you specify
/invsee Use this to show you what a player is carrying. A bit buggy atm and sometimes returns torches
/time Sets time of day i.e. /time 8 will set time to 8AM
/freeze Freezes a player in place by specifying their name. use /unfreeze to unfreeze them. similar to rfreeze.