Basics to getting your Rust Essentials server up and running quickly. Setting yourself up as owner is the first thing you should do once the mod has been installed. Check and doublecheck you have entered your steam id correctly and under the correct rank.

Setting Yourself Up As Owner

To give yourself access to all the commands RE has to offer and because you are the owner!

  • Navigate to your Rust Essentials folder via ftp or your game hosts file manager
  • Open the file Ranks.ini for editing
  • Look for [Owner.O]
  • Add your steam id underneath it.
  • For better identification, add a hash tag on the same line and the name of the person after it as below. anything after the hash tag will be comment only so this is soley for your reference

For example

76561198000000000 #owner name

After setting the initial permission as above, restart the server to update the permissions. At any time after that you can reload the permissions in game by typing /reload ranks (provided you have added the /reload command to your rank). See the associated articles for more info on how to do this.

Setting up Admins

People that will retain the rank of Admin of your server need to be placed under the section [Administrator.A]. FInd this section and add the players Steam ID underneath

For example

76561198654000000 #NameOfYourAdminHere

That is it.