This article will list a number of recommendations to get yourself up and going as quickly as possible, as a basic configuration. Once your server is up and running you can then branch out and set other options as required.

Step 1 - Install the Mod

This is obviously your first step - installing the Essentials Mod on your Server. Go to the Installation Article and follow the steps to install the Mod.

Step 2 - Setting yourself up as Owner

The next step to make. Once the mod is installed, go to the Getting Started - Setting Yourself up as Owner article to get yourself setup. Setup your admins also at this step if applicable.

Step 3 - Setting up Commands

Now you need to set what commands you as owner, your admins and your players will be able to use when in game. Check out the Commands reference to see all commands available and also the Mod Configurations category for available features. Add the commands you have selected into the commands.ini under the appropriate rank. Note some may need to have options enabled or setup in the config.ini file.

Check the Handy Admin Commands and the Handy Player Commands articles for a list of handy commands you should setup.

Step 4 - Recommended features to enable

The following are some mod features that you should enable to take advantage of what the mod has to offer.

Door Sharing - So players can share their doors with their buddies.

Chat Channels - So players can switch between global (server wide) chat and direct (within a set radius).

Factions - Allow your players to team up and ally with other factions. Check out Damage Multipliers also if you want to adjust factions based damage.

Zones - Setup some Warzones and a Safezone or two.