This article will describe the major features of the motd.ini file and how to configure. MOTD means Message of the Day and allows you to set messages that will cycle at times you specify. You can also specify Rules that players can view at any time by typing /rules (Make sure they have this command available o them!)

Editing the motd.ini file Edit

1. Login to your admin console and open the motd.ini file

2. Take some time to read the existing text in here - it is very detailed and self explanatory, so this guide will mainly list some pointers for editing this file

Cycles Edit

The motd.ini file is broken up into Cycles, i.e. [Join] [Cycle.15m] [Cycle.30m] [Cycle.1h] and [Rules]. meaning that whatever messages you place under each cycle will determine how often the message is cycled:


Messages added here will be seen when players join the server. Good one for welcome messages.


Messages added here will be seen every 15m.



30 Minute Cycle Message

Messages added here will be seen every 30m.


Messages added here will be seen every hour


The spot to add your rules. Players can view this by typing the following command at any time:


Tips about motd and cycles Edit

1. You can add your own frequency i.e. once every 2 hours or whatever suits

2. Cycles you dont want you can just hash out by placing a hash before all text under the cycle, or delete the cycle altogether.

3. Certain commands can be added to the cycled messages, i.e. you can add /airdrop under Cycle.1h for an airdrop to cycle everyhour

4. Try not to make them to long on one line - if to long the message will be truncated and players wont see the whole message

5. It is important to note that a 10 minute cycle will appear every 10 mins, so if you also have a 20m cycle they will both appear together which can clutter up your screen. It is a good idea to specify odd number values if you have more than one cycle to stop this from occuring.

List of commands usable in MOTD Edit

  • /save
  • /saypop
  • /stop
  • /kickall
  • /reload
  • /timescale
  • /time
  • /join
  • /leave
  • /giveall
  • /random
  • /airdrop