This article will guide you through the process of configuring your server to use warps, and how to use in game.

Setting up the Server

A few steps go into setting up the warping system and there are also quite a few in game commands to use as well - it is a very detailed system with regards to the options you have available to you. As always we will begin with the server side config then delve into the in game use of the warp system.


1. Log into your server admin panel

2. Open the config.ini file

3. The following options are available in the [Movement] Section to configure based on how you want to set it up 

4. Set the options to your liking and save the Config.ini file

Warps Options


Warp Config

  1. Sets the delay for between the acceptance of a teleport request and the actual teleport. Default 10 seconds.


  1. Sets the delay for between the /warp and the actual warp. Default 10 seconds.


  1. If true, players will not be able to warp or use tpa.


  1. If true, players will be able to warp and use tpa while on top of a foundation, ceiling, or within a shelter.



Remember to plan who you want to be able to access the warping system, admins or regular players, and place the commands in the appropriate section of the commands.ini. In this example, I am only assigning this to the Owner rank.

1. Open the Commands.ini file

2.Browse to the rank you wish to have the command and enter the following commands

Commands to Set


Warps Commands




3. Save the Commands.ini file

4. Remember to reload all of the changed configs by typing /reload all in game

Setting Up Warps In Game

In the following scenarios I will be adding warps at our town Safezone, Skankville. Note in some cases quotations are required on the warp name and not in others.

Adding a new Warp at your position


/ewarp add Skank Adds a new warp at my position in Skankville named "Skank"

Setting the warp to a certain Rank

/ewarp rank "Skank" O Assigns the warp so only the Owner rank can use 


Setting the warp to a UID

/ewarp uid "Skank" 7656111111111 Assigns the warp to the specified UID


Removing the Warp

/ewarp rem Skank Removes the warp named Skank


Using the warps

Seeing available warps



Using the warp

/warp Skank