This section will guide you through the process of setting rules and limits around player names, and also censorship of certain words. It is always a good idea to make the requirement for players to have at least 3 chars in their names and also a decent max value. Why? because hackers sometimes set their names to nothing so they cant be identified. For max limits, if a players name is too long chats they type may be truncated and not displayed correctly due to the length of their names.

Configuring Naming Conventions Options


1. Log into your servers admin console;

2. Browse to the config.ini file and open it;

3. Go to the [Chat] section, the following options are available to be set:

Sets the characters a player can have in his name. (Pretty self explanatory!)


If false, players can have anything they want in their names with no restrictions.


Minimum amount of characters a player must have in his name. (any less and they cant join the server)


Maximum amount of characters a player can have in his name. (Any more and they cant join the server)


If a player that is joining has a name that is currently in use on the server and kickDuplicate is true, kick him. If false, append "(#1,2,3,etc..)" to his name.


If kickDuplicate is true, lowerAuthority is true, and a joining user has the same name as a connected user, the user of lower authority will be kicked.


Illegal words for use with censorship. (You see what it means in the config.ini file. Add illegal words here)

illegalWords=Oxide, Magma, Promodeus

If a player joins with a word in the illegalWords list and censorship is true, he will be kicked. Words in chat found in illegalWords will be replaced with *'s.


4. Make the required changes;

5. Save the config.ini file. Reload the config in game by typing /reload config to update the changes.


Unauthorised Chars Example

The above example is what you will see if using a remote monitoring tool such as Rusty.

Configuring Chat Censorship

As above, if censorship=true, any word in the Illegal words list will be asterisked out, same as for player names!