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This article will show you how to add the required permissions to allow allowed ranks to build within Safezones. Note also that the following points hold true when you are in a Safezone, regarding building:

Important Pointers about Safezones and Building Edit

1. Players cannot be harmed;

2. Players cannot build or place foundations or build in general in a designated Safezone without the right command permissions;

3. C4 cannot be placed on ANY structure within a Safezone without the right command permissions;

4. Having build mode enabled will only allow the person that enabled it to build;

Required PermissionsEdit

Adding the permissionsEdit

1. Log into your Server Console;

2. Browse to the Commands.ini file;

3. Find the rank you want to have the permission (in this tute we are assigning them to the Owner rank);

/f build

4. Enter the following line:

/f build

5. Save your Commands.ini file.

Reloading the permissionsEdit

1. To update the files, in the game type the following:

/reload commands

Using the Build CommandEdit

1. In game, to enable build for yourself in Safezones type the following once you have the required permissions:

Turn Buildmode ON

/f build on

Turn Buildmode OFFEdit

/f build off