This tool is the mother of remove tools, and a handy one to have in your admin tool kit.

Tool Warning Edit

Be VERY careful when you have this tool on as one misplaced shot and you can destroy a players hard work instantly! Essentialy, anything you hit will be removed as will anything attached to it...

Setting up the Admin RemoveAll Tool Edit


Nothing is required to be set in config.ini to configure this tool. Edit



1. Browse to the Commands.ini file

2. Locate the rank you wish to have access to the admin remove tool (remembering that any rank above it will also inherit that command)

3. Add the following command:


4. Save the commands.ini file

Reload the configsEdit

1. When in game, you can type the following command to reload the commands.ini file

/reload commands

Using the Admin Remove Tool in game Edit

Turning the admin removeall tool ONEdit

1. Type the following command to turn on the removeall tool

/removeall on

2. You will see a notification that the removeall tool is enabled

3. Shoot or hit the items you need removed


Turning the admin remove tool OFF Edit

1. Type the following command to turn the tool off:

/removeall off

2. You will see a notification that the tool has been disabled.